Ancient Friend

Ancient Friend
fused glass & metal, 2010

July 9, 2015

The Palo Alto Clay & Glass Festival is here!

I'll be in booth #20 along Embarcadero, July 11-12 with new fused glass panels and old beauties, new candle screen designs, and plenty of glass bead earrings.

For more information visit the Festival website

I was interviewed by Suzanne Barnett on KMVT in Mountain View with two other ACGA artists - here's the link to the interview on youtube:

Suzanne's Studio Interview

The Palo Alto Clay & Glass Festival is this weekend!  Get your hat, grab your water bottle, and come see me in booth #20.

December 10, 2014

KPFA Crafts Fair

Sat-Sun Dec. 20-21, 10 am - 5 pm

Check out the KPFA Crafts Fair in a new East Bay location with plenty of free parking!  I'm making new candle screen designs and new recycled glass earrings for this show along with the usual favorites.  Some great musicians will be playing at this fair, well worth the price of admission: KPFA Crafts Fair entertainment.  My booth is situated in front of a glass wall facing west over the Bay so I expect my artwork will be looking good in the natural light!

For more information please visit KPFA Crafts Fair

July 2, 2014

Palo Alto Clay & Glass Festival

Sat-Sun, July 12-13, 10 - 5

I'm working hard in the studio, making new flower-shaped pieces for the show.
Come see them in booth #18 along Embarcadero Rd. at the Palo Alto Art Center.  Bring a hat and water, it gets hot here in July!

The Palo Alto Art Center is located at 1313 Newell Rd, at the corner of Embarcadero Rd.
For more information please visit the festival website:

June 12, 2014

I'm packing up for this weekend's Live Oak Park Fair in north Berkeley!  It has been a few years since I brought my artwork to an East Bay locale.  It will be fun to be back in my old town for the weekend.  What a perfect setting for my tree art.

July 6, 2013

Palo Alto Clay & Glass Festival July 13-14, 2013

This is a fabulous outdoor event featuring 160 artists who work in clay or glass.  The Festival takes place at the Palo Alto Art Center on Newell Rd and Embarcadero, Sat & Sun 10 am - 5 pm.  Bring a hat, a water bottle and a reusable shopping bag (or two).  There will be great food, demonstrations and hands-on activities as well as beautiful art.

Come visit me in booth #136.  For more information, check out the link below:

Palo Alto Clay & Glass Festival - 2013

An Artist in the Gardens

  Last June I went to visit my sister's family in Denver, during the record-setting heat wave (remember that? 105 F?!).  I am a glass artist, interested in plant biology, and volunteer weekly at the Arboretum at UC Santa Cruz.  Naturally, I had to see the Denver Botanic Gardens in summer, no matter how hot; fortunately, my sister lives within walking distance.  I made two or three trips there with art materials, hat, sunscreen, water bottle, and long-sleeved shirt, making good use of the reciprocal membership benefit with my home Arboretum.

  I was seeking inspiration for an ongoing series of tree portraits in fused metal and glass, also hoping to identify some alpine plants we saw on a hike up to Devil's Thumb, and generally admiring the native plant collections.  On my last visit, I settled down on a rock in the shade, gazing towards a graceful and multi-trunked specimen of Pinus bungeana (also called Lacebark Pine) from China, in June's Plantasia.  Fully absorbed, I was drawing the tree's delicate branches with a brown marker on a sheet of bright copper foil, when one of several summer children's groups visiting the Gardens came walking along the trail.

  One girl sat right down next to me and asked what I was doing.  I explained I was drawing the tree in front of us on copper foil.  Later, I would cut out the "positive" tree shape very carefully with a sharp blade, and place it between two layers of transparent colored glass.  This metal and glass sandwich would be fused in my kiln at 1550 F to make a 1/4-inch thick glass panel.  The remaining piece of copper foil would also be used to make a panel.  A "negative" image would be formed by the space where the metal had been cut out, and light would come through that opening in the shape of the tree.

  I said that the positive image of the tree is called the "figure", and the background around the figure is called the "ground".  It's not the earth the tree is rooted in; it's a way of seeing the shapes of the spaces surrounding the tree, which we often don't notice.  She asked me "is the positive image like Life, and the negative image like Death?"  I thought this was a profound connection for a young person to make.  As I reflect on it now, presence and absence, substance and spirit, the duality that seems to be a given of human experience; all these concepts are evoked by her remark.  By the time we had finished our conversation the whole group was listening and learning - and not just from the artist.  This girl had the courage to ask questions of a complete stranger and to put her ideas before an audience.  I'm still moved whenever I think about it.
Pinus bungeana I     2012

Pinus bungeana II    2012